Breeding the Goldfinch in a true and healthy way

Breeding the Goldfinch in a true and healthy way

Breeding the Goldfinch in a true and healthy way
Breeding the Goldfinch in a true and healthy way

It is no different that the bird of the giraffe of the most plowed birds in our Arab world for the beauty of the green as the Tigris Adeb is undoubtedly the most abundant of all kinds of birds and birds where you can hardly find a living free of him a breeder of this bird, but many people do not show importance to the basics of gonorrhea U, I M, th, th, th, th
Here are the most important methods for successful breeding of the goldfinch
Foundations of birds of goldfinch
the birds
If you want to buy a bird, you must check its health and gender. If you do not have enough experience, you can use an expert or a salesman or contact us on our Facebook page to offer you help, but advise you to buy productive birds in the cage for easy handling.
the cage
(Jump) of the important components that are the point of separation between the success or failure in the education of the gorse
It must be small so that the giraffe finds its rest in it
(Microbiology) - microbiality microbiology medium
Place the cage
It is very important to stand on your love from any chest of discomfort such as putting it in the kitchen or living room or even in your own room if you keep the light for long hours at night
And I myself put my birds in a room for the lowest prices in the world,
Cleaning and tanning

Sunburn the gums at least 4 times a week in the morning for 15 to 30 minutes
Place the bathtub twice a week
Note The exact occurrence of the default is tracked
When a new bird is brought in, put it in a special pill to limit its spread
We have now reached the most important corner of success in raising the bird of the giraffe to obtain a bird of good health and the appearance of your grandfather to take full care of this side, but unfortunately many people just give the grain of essential oils all year round, causing the disease of tics. In nature, the gums eat more than 200 kinds of grains and plants that are useful for their health and for the taste they are in. But in the cage, it is sufficient for the bird breeders to provide a varied lunch.
The bird of the giraffe has many kinds of cereals and each species has its own benefits. But as it is called "chardonneret", it is a lover of the seeds of thorns of all kinds
The cheese
Safflower or safflower
Tania: Nuts
Walnuts and almonds for their oils and food benefits are served twice a week
Thalata vegetables, fruits and plants
The giraffe is covered with an extensive list of vegetables and plants, such as burdock, watercress, lettuce, apples,
And here we have reached the last topic I hope to be useful Do not forget to follow the site of the bird world blog

By: Ashraf Sahawneh

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